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Love or Whatever follows Corey (Tyler Poelle), a 29-year old therapist who is about to propose to his boyfriend Jon (David Wilson Page). When Jon finds the rings in Corey’s jacket by accident, he freaks out and storms out of the apartment. He goes to a bar where he meets Melissa (Jenica Bergere) who, unbeknown to Jon, is a patient of Corey’s who is going through a rough divorce.

When Corey and Jon make up and Corey finally proposes, Jon comes clean about sleeping with Melissa and tells him he might be bisexual. Their fight leaves Corey frustrated and he confides in his sister Kelsey (Jennifer Elise Cox). She urges him to use Grindr to meet someone new and Corey eventually comes across Pete (Joel Rush), the guy who delivers his pizza.

Knowing that Pete would be there, Corey attends a poetry night at Kelsey’s café where they chat and agree to see each other again. The night before his 30th birthday, Jon visits Corey and they end up sleeping together only to be caught in the act by Pete, Kelsey and Melissa.

Ultimately Corey’s whole life seems to crumble around him. He is about to lose his job after Melissa filed a complaint against him, his sister is mad at him for not listening to her, and he has lost Pete. The question remains whether or not he is able to turn everything around and regain the trust of the people closest to him.

Love or Whatever




“Ultimately this film has a lot of heart, which is wonderful.”
  — PopCultureBeast

Love or Whatever is an enjoyable rom-com that has its heart in the right place.”
  — Entertainment Focus

“Credit should also be given for doing something that I’ve rarely seen in movies. So often, so many films involving same-sex, male couples will have a man break up with his girlfriend, or wife, only to be with a second man, as the first man is discovering his homosexuality. This movie has instead the two men break up, only to have one of the men go and be with a woman, as he is discovering his bisexuality.”
  The M Report

Did You Know?

Love or Whatever was released as L’amour à tout prix in France in 2014. The film’s soundtrack includes Rockstar by Laura Warshauer, I Will Never Let You Go by Paco Estrada and You’re So Good For Me by Sonnet Simmons. Two popular mainstream films, Precious and Black Swan, are references in Love or Whatever. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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