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Love Is Strange follows a same-sex couple, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina), who live in New York City and decide to get married after spending 39 years together. Despite their initial wedded bliss, trouble looms ahead, as George works as a music teacher at a Catholic school. When news of his same-sex marriage arrives at the archdiocese’s office, George loses his job, forcing him and Ben into unpleasant living circumstances as they can no longer afford their living space, and have to seek refuge in the homes of their friends and family.

Ben ends up staying with his nephew and his nephew’s wife and teenage son, while George takes shelter with former neighbours Roberto and Ted, a younger same-sex couple. Both Ben and George experience difficulty fitting into their new environments, and the tensions between having an additional person in each home of a completely different generation provide space for conflict, but also resolution and elevation as all come to appreciate added perspective in their daily lives and situations, all while Ben and George continue to seek a new living arrangement for themselves and finding time for each other however they can.

Love Is Strange




“You need to give Love Is Strange your eyes and ears and attention, let it work its effects on you gradually, like the lovely Chopin piano music that forms the spine of its soundtrack.”

“Sachs, Molina, and Lithgow have given adult moviegoers a perfect piece of summer counterprogramming — a warm, humane, resplendent romance to savor while our days are still long.”
   Entertainment Weekly

Love Is Strange never feels anything less than authentic, like a true story shared by close friends.”

Did You Know?

The chemistry between the main characters of Love Is Strange was made much easier as John Lithgow and Alfred Molina had been close friends in real life for many, many years, and although they had reached arrangements with being a part of the movie separately, they both were even more eager to do it upon finding out about their mutual involvement. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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