Gay Essential Films To Watch, Love In The Time Of Civil War (L’Amour au temps de la guerre civile)

Alex (Alexandre Landry) is a young adult from Montreal who makes a living by selling his body. Accustomed to the ups and downs of the sex industry, the man tries to offer pleasure unconditionally and struggles to deal with the monotonous, dull nature of everyday life. After being called to a tacky hotel by what seems to be a client, Alex has wild sex with Bruno (Jean-Simon Leduc), a junkie who turns out to be a friend or an associate. What soon transpires is that the young man is addicted to hard drugs and lives his day moment to moment until he can have his next fix.

Although the sex is rough, emotionless and borders on violent, it is only one element of Alex’s self-destructive lifestyle. Compulsively looking for another hit, the man constantly tries to survive boredom, abuse and a sluggish daily routine in order to make enough money to buy more drugs. But Alex is not the only one who is hooked – his friends, Eric (Eric Robidoux) and Simon (Simon Lefebvre), and several of his associates are also dependent. When being a sex worker no longer brings in enough money and his abusive friends shoot him down, Alex decides he can steal to keep afloat and maintain his drug habit.

Love In The Time Of Civil War




“An unflinching account of the life of a drug addict and male hustler in Montreal.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“The masterstroke of Jean’s film is capturing the mundaneness of the addicted life, expressing both the act of getting high and the time in between the next fix as a monotonous, task-based process without any achievement in sight.”

Did You Know?

Love In The Time Of Civil War (L’Amour au temps de la guerre civile) is not the first motion picture by Rodrigue Jean to explore the dark aspects of the sex industry. The director also produced a similar French documentary entitled Men For Sale, which follows male prostitutes from Montreal’s Gay Village over the course of a year. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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