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Lose Your Head tells the tale of a young Spanish man named Luis (Fernando Tielve), who decides to throw himself headfirst into the Berlin club scene as a way to overcome his emotions after a hard breakup with his boyfriend in Madrid. Originally planned as a weekend trip, Berlin is observed through the lens of a travelogue at first, and Luis enjoys himself in casual flings and experimentation with drugs. Soon, he meets the enigmatic Viktor (Marko Mandic), a Ukrainian illegally staying in Germany, and develops an almost fatal attraction.

Luis is then mistaken for a young Greek man who has gone missing, and with whom he certainly shares a resemblance The Greek man’s sister and cousin are on the prowl trying to discover his whereabouts, with no luck. However, it turns out that this missing person is Viktor’s ex, and it’s unclear as to whether the clearly aggressive Ukrainian might actually be connected to the disappearance.

Adding fuel to the fire is Luis’ continued uncontrolled drug use. As more and more perplexing events occur, Luis must struggle with the basic question: can he trust what his senses are telling him, or is it all just a by-product of his chemical consumption?

Lose Your Head


“A holiday of casual gay sex, drugs and disco turns to horror against the backdrop of swinging Berlin.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“Oddly moralistic in how it presents the city’s diversity as cause for celebration and then turns into a nightmare scenario where letting yourself go can lead to death.”

“Take Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, David Lynch’s knack for colors and dissolution of the self in Mulholland Drive, swallow these things along with some nameless pills, and match them to a sweet beat in Berlin. Welcome to Lose Your Head …”

Did You Know?

In the film Lose Your Head, director Stefan Westerwelle was originally inspired by a missing persons case in Berghain. He saw some people put up some posters with the face of the missing Portuguese man; this sparked a riot of theorizing within the gay club scene in Berghain, and although his body was later found in the river nearby, this event led Stefan to speculate further about what might have happened. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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