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In Loose Cannons (Mine Vaganti), the family patriarch Vincenzo (Ennio Fantastichini) has embarked on a merger with an associate to bring two local families together, and is preparing to pass over the reins of the Cantone family Pasta factory, to his two sons.  The night before this is formally announced Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarcio) the younger brother, returns home to Lecce from Rome, and plans to tell his entire family over dinner, that he has no intention of joining the family business.  That he is in fact gay, and has been living with his lover in Rome, studying literature not business studies as everyone has been led to believe.

When Tommaso is about to reveal his news, his older brother Antonio (Alessandro Preziosi) reveals a secret of his own, in front of the entire family and soon to be business partners.  Vincenzo furious, exiles his eldest son from the house and suffers a mild heart attack at the dinner table.   Tommsao is forced into the role that he was desperate to escape, while his parents try their best to cover up the scandal.  Stuck in Lecce and fearing that his news may actually kill his father, he decides to not come out of the closet, that is until Tomasso’s partner Marco (Carmine Recano) and friends decide to visit him.

Loose Cannons




“Ferzan Özpetek goes back to what he knows and does best: a coming-out comedy about homosexuality and family values, full of memorable quirky characters, laugh out-loud moments mixed with bittersweet and poignant reflections.”

“The film’s Southern Italian location is really stunning and captured with great skill by Maurizio Calvesi who rightly won a Globi d’Oro for Best Cinematography.”
   The Film Review

“While it plays with the standard coming-out formula, it manages to escape many of its trappings and feel much broader in its discussion of family, tradition, responsibility, and happiness.”

Did You Know?

Loose Cannons (Mine vaganti) is Turkish born, Italian adopted director Ferzan Özpetek’s third feature.   Özpetek revealed to IndieWire that Loose Cannons began with an idea about something that actually happened to a friend. It started off with a confession-revelation between two brothers, an event which almost destroyed his friend. The film was also dedicated to Özpetek’s father who passed away. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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