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Longhorns features a college “good ol’ boy” named Kevin (played by Jacob Newton), who seems like your average macho Texan on the outside. Mostly splitting his time between beer, American football, and girls, Kevin still manages to find a little time to fantasize. In particular, he thinks about chiselled cowboys. His attraction to other guys is compounded when the outwardly gay new student, Cesar (played by Derek Efrain Villanueva) strolls onto campus. After defending Cesar’s honour from the homophobic Justin (played by Kevin Held), Kevin finds himself in pursuit of Cesar for the proverbial roll in the hay.

Conflicted over his feelings for Cesar, Kevin decides he needs some “man time” and heads out to a cabin with a couple of his friends, Steve and Danny (played by Dylan Fox and Stephen Matzke, respectively). When plans for some female companions fall through, the three young men are left stranded in the wilderness with little more than some alcohol and a collection of porn. Kevin once again succumbs to the strong sexual desires he had been trying to keep hidden. Things heat up quickly between Kevin, Steve, and Danny and the trio engage in some sexual activity, leaving Kevin wondering if he was ever right to run away from his feelings for Cesar in the first place.





“The third time’s the charm for writer-director David Lewis, whose first two gay-themed features were earnest but undercooked dramas. Longhorns is a whole different animal, a funny and romantic comedy about 1982 Texas fratboys experiencing some discomfiting sexual urges.”

“Shot like a 1980s comedy, this nutty farce plays around with issues of sexuality in one of the most machismo cultures in America.”
Shadows On The Wall

“Laced with in-titles and Kevin styled voiceovers from Jacob Newton, coupled with the odd split-screen or two, the beauty of Lewis’ work is that it never pretends to be what it’s not and this laugh out loud comedy tailored for the boys, is no exception.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

In the 2011 film Longhorns, Kevin, Cesar, Steve, Justin, and Danny are fraternity brothers from the University of Texas. Staying true to its Texas college football roots, much of the music in the film is sampled from college marching bands. However, some college football fans may notice an error in the music choices. In particular, some of the fight songs for rival Louisiana State University are played as background sound beds to scenes of frat boys at the University of Texas. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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