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An estranged family spread across North Carolina is about to return to its roots. In Asheville, there is Grace (Bonnie Hunt), a hard-working woman who has decided to move back home after a suicide attempt. She leaves Atlanta, her mother (Michael Learned) and her car rental job after her breakdown and arrives in Asheville. With her earnings, she hires a private investigator who can help locate her son, Mark (Kip Pardue), whom she gave up for adoption when she was seventeen years old. In Eden, there is Robert (Chris Sarandon) and his wife, Elizabeth (Tess Harper). The former is a devoted pastor with unrelenting conservative views. Although the two are Mark’s adoptive parents, they have long been estranged from their son, something Elizabeth struggles to accept but cannot confront her husband about.

Mark is a gay young man who is now residing in Kure Beach. He is more of a free spirit who enjoys sleeping on the beach and is obsessed with saving and observing loggerhead sea turtles. The son meets George (Michael Kelly), a warmhearted motel owner who is HIV-positive and whose boyfriend died in a mysterious drowning. The two men become more and more intimate and connected, finding solace in each other’s pain.





Loggerheads offers these hopes: That our understanding of happiness can encompass more possibilities as we grow older. And that to find that happiness, we will have to do what we decide is the right thing, and not what someone else has decided for us.”
   Roger Ebert

“As the movie drifts from one location to the next, its mood of quiet sadness is deepened by the calm even-handed performances.”
The New York Times

“Based on a true story, Loggerheads is about the impact of one adoption on several lives in North Carolina.”
Cinema Blend

Did You Know?

The plot of Loggerheads is inspired from a real-life story. The film’s director met a woman with a heartbreaking background, similar to that of Grace’s character. The woman had left her child mainly because she was ashamed and harshly judged for being pregnant, but unmarried. Kirkman wanted to share her experience in order to open up a conversation about shame and its devastating and life-altering effects not only on the individual’s psyche, but also on families and social communities as a whole. The motion picture’s title refers to the journey of a loggerhead, a metaphor for the reunion between a birth mother and her adopted child, as well as how the latter manages to survive and make their way through the world on their own. Each of the overlapping stories has its own chromatic theme – Kure Beach has blue, Asheville is filmed in green and Eden features red. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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