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The film Little Ashes begins in 1922 as the 18-year old Salvador Dali (Robert Pattinson) starts university in Madrid. Determined to become a great artist, Salvador soon catches the eye of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran) and the filmmaker Luis Bunuel (Matthew McNulty). For a while they are an impressive and modern trio, but in time, Federico and Salvador are increasingly pulled towards one another. Federico does not notice the advances of his friend Magdalena. Luis, feeling isolated from the duo leaves for Paris to pursue his ambitions.

Federico and Salvador spend the summer in Cadaques at Salvador’s family home. Federico is accepted by Salvador’s family and the two grow closer still. In time, the relationship is doomed as Salvador cannot cope with Federico’s obsession with him and he leaves for Paris. He becomes entangled in high society, enjoying the decadence and becomes involved with a married woman, Gala (Arly Jover). When Federico visits him in Paris, he finds that Salvador is a different man both in his lifestyle and his politics.

Little Ashes


“A painfully sincere study in creative passion, sexual ardor and political zeal that embalms a mad and exuberant historical moment within the talky, balky conventions of period-costumed highbrow soap opera.”
   The New York Times

“A bravely earnest and gauzy bit of biography.”
   Philadelphia Inquirer

Did You Know?

During an interview for a German magazine, Robert Pattinson admitted that he masturbated for real for the relevant scenes in Little Ashes because he found it difficult to fake an orgasm and the consequent bodily and facial reactions. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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