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Like It Is follows Craig (Steve Bell) a bare knuckles fighter who makes a living fighting in the basements of Blackpool. Sensitive and baby-faced standing outside a gay club, he is coming turns with being gay and watches the men who come and go.  Inside the club Matt (Ian Rose), a blonde music promoter visiting from London is accompanying his flatmate’s personal appearance.  Upon leaving, his eyes fall on Craig and he smiles in his direction. Matt goes home with Craig, however upstairs in the bedroom it is quickly apparent that Craig is conflicted with his sexuality.  Before making an exit, Matt leaves Craig his card.

Following an argument with his older brother Tony (Chris Hargreaves) over his behaviour at his next fight, Craig leaves for London and finds Matt, hoping to make a fresh start. Matt is glad to see him but others are not.  Matt’s boss Kelvin (Roger Daltrey) a recording company mogul with a taste for young boys, is expecting Matt to mix new boy band ZKC new single.   Matt who wants to one day own his own club agrees to put the final touches on the bands single, in exchange for running Kelvin’s club when it re-opens.

A friend of Matt’s offers Craig at a job at his boyfriends club, but when provoked protecting a patron is forced to defend himself, but takes it too far.  When Matt leaves the video editing session of boy band ZKC’s new single to retrieve Craig, Kelvin is not impressed, and feels that Craig is too much of a distraction.  Craig is offered a position as a research assistant in an effort to push Craig into the arms of another man.

Like It Is


“Mr. Daltrey, now almost 30 years from his heyday as lead singer of the Who, is appealingly devilish.”
   Anita Gates, The New York Times

“The movie’s biggest plus is the complete naturalness in the way gay relationships are depicted.”
   Derek Elley, Variety

Like It Is is gritty and sexy.”

Did You Know?

In Like It Is, Steve Bell playing the character of Craig is a real life British Amateur Featherweight champion. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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