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Leave it on the Floor, set in the African American ball culture, tells the story of Brad (Ephraim Sykes) who is thrown out his home, by his homophobic and mean-spirited mother Deondra (Metra Dee) for being gay, when she finds him watching gay porn. He steals her car and travels to Los Angeles. Initially only looking for somewhere to sleep, and possibly someone to sleep with, he meets Carter (Andre Myers), a rebel and a pickpocket, and the two men are instantly attracted to one another.

Carter takes Brad to an underground voguing dance competition where Brad meets the flamboyant and aggressive Princess (Philip Evelyn II) and Queef Latina (Miss Barbie-Q) and the other members of the House of Eminence voguing team. Drag queen and house mother Queef is waiting for her husband Caldwell (Demarkes Dogan) to get out of prison. Princess seduces Brad and invites Brad to live with them and encourages him to join the dance team. However, a love triangle occurs when Princess is jealous of Brad’s obvious affection for Carter and this leads to complications.

Leave It On The Floor




“The performers are so dynamic that we buy into an ancient musical convention that has fallen out of fashion.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Seriously sincere”
   The Guardian

“Sheer uninhibited joy….they don’t come much more gleefully gaudy than this loud, unapologetic blast of a musical.”
  The Londonist

Did You Know?

Director and Producer of Leave it on the Floor, Sheldon Larry learned his craft in Britain where he accumulated more than 300 credits with the BBC. He worked on documentaries on Luchino Visconti, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Franco Zeffirelli, Noel Coward, and Joe Orton, worked on Monty Python’s Flying Circus and also directed work by Tom Stoppard and Sam Shepherd. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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