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Nico and Dani is the story of a coming of age, set on a Barcelona beach, during a week in summer. Nico (Jordi Vilches) and Dani (Fernando Ramallo), both 17-year olds, friends since high school, who spend the summer together at the beach house belonging to Dani’s parents who are away travelling for the summer. The two boys plan to meet some girls and consequently lose their virginity. However, whilst Nico is keen to lose his virginity to a girl, Dani is much more interested in spending time with Nico.

Whilst staying at the beach house the pair indulges in mutual masturbation and other sexual practices. In time, they meet cousins Elena (Marieta Orozco) and Berta (Esther Nubiola). Elena has her eye on Nico, who is keen to cook the girls dinner on the beach and have sex with one or both of them. Dani, however, wants to spend time only with Nico. When Nico has sex with Elena, Dani is jealous.

Dani comes to the realisation that he is in love with Nico and tells is friend this, causing them to have an argument. Dani goes off and gets drunk, when he meets a gay writer who is a friend of his father. They have dinner together and go sailing, but before the relationship can progress, Dani runs off and returns to Nico. By the end of the summer, the two friends have repaired their relationship.

Nico and Dani




“The film is rightfully carried by Nico and Dani and under Gay’s artful helmsmanship it’s carried with remarkable sympathy and believability.”
   Boston Globe

“Touching, funny, unflinching and true.”
   Washington Post

Nico and Dani sorts through their confusion with humor, sensitivity, and insight, muddying the assumed border between homo and hetero proclivities.”
   The AV Club

Did You Know?

Nico and Dani was filmed in Barcelona in the town of Castelldefels and also in the Barcelona county of Garraf.  The Spanish title Krámpack refers to a form of mutual masturbation that the two main characters practice. Nico and Dani’s director Cesc Gay was born in Barcelona in 1967. As well as making successful films, he also worked for Catalan television as the creator of ‘Jet Lag’ Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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