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Kiss the Bride opens as Matt (Philipp Karner) is working on a feature story about the wedding season for a high-end gay magazine.  Digging for some true-to-life content to back up his article, Matt serendipitously receives an invitation to the wedding of his old high school boyfriend Ryan (James O’Shea).  Surprised to discover Ryan is marrying a woman, Matt drops everything and decides he will return to his hometown to attend this wedding (or, perhaps prevent Ryan from making a mistake).

Upon returning to Arizona, Matt meets Ryan’s fiancé Alex (Tori Spelling), in a rather comedic way.  Matt and Alex surprisingly hit it off and grow rather fond of each other.  So much so, in fact, that Matt and Alex soon find themselves locking lips, just long enough to be discovered by a confused and upset Ryan.  Sexual identity and preference is called into question throughout the film.

Audiences will also be surprised by some of the humor and insight delivered by some of the films secondary characters, including Matt’s personal assistant (Jane Cho) making an almost self-aware comparison between Matt and Julia Robert’s character in My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Joanna Cassidy play’s Alex’s mother, who fancies the bottle almost as much as she enjoys delivering a good punch line.

Kiss the Bride


“An altar-bound Tori Spelling has good reason to suspect her fiance isn’t the marrying type when his boyhood boyfriend crashes the wedding in Kiss the Bride.”
   Peter Debruge, Variety

“C Jay Cox’s film gives us sexually healthy characters who make informed and complex choices about their lives and their desires as agents in their destiny rather than passive recipients of them.”
   Like A Whisper

“A film filled with charm and heart and interesting solid performances that deserves not only mention, but is more than worth a peak at the theatre.”
   Movie Shark Deblore

Did You Know?

Though she is not built for comedic roles, actress Tori Spelling manages to bear the brunt of the acting in Kiss the Bride, and delivers a believable and emotional Alex.  Perhaps it was the on-set support of her real life husband (Dean McDermott) that helped her develop the character.  Literal on-set support, as Dean McDermott also makes an appearance in the film as a hapless plumber. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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