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In Keillers Park, director Susanna Edwards introduces audiences to Peter (played by Martin Klingberg), a mild-mannered, married man who is living a double life. Gay and closeted, Peter maintains a secret relationship with his lover, the Algerian immigrant Nassim (played by Pjotr Giro). However, when Nassim ends up dead in a nearby park, the police are soon knocking down Peter’s door in a quest to solve their murder case.

Arrested and facing a possible prison sentence, Peter’s life quickly starts to unravel. His father, Juris (played by Gosta Bredefelt) feels betrayed by his son. Juris feels he provided nothing but parental love for his son, but can’t come to grips with why he would have a gay son. Maria (played by Karin Bergquist), is also betrayed upon realizing her marriage to Peter had been a sham. As Peter loses every connection in his life, he looks back fondly on his times spent with Nassim.

Meanwhile, the circumstantial evidence against Peter continues to pile up, making him appear the most likely murderer of Nassim. With nothing to his name and no one to commiserate with, Peter finds himself drawn to a bench in the park, which once held particular significance for himself and Nassim.

Keillers Park



“The film’s anchor is Mårten Klingberg’s intriguing performance as Peter, whose loss of his father’s love and acceptance once his new “double life” becomes known”
   Dennis Grunes

“It’s a murder thriller and it’s a love story.”
Andy’s Film World

Did You Know?

Keillers Park is loosely based on a real-life murder that took place in Gothenburg in 1997. However, the facts surrounding the factual version of events are far more grisly than the film suggests. Known as “the Satanic Murder” in Sweden, satanic worshipper Jon Nodvejdt was arrested in 1997 for the horrifying murder of Josef Ben Meddaour, an openly gay Algerian immigrant. Jon Nodvejdt went on to serve seven years in prison, speaking very little of the incident following his release. He ultimately took his own life via a gunshot wound to the head. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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