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In Kaboom, director Gregg Araki follows his intrepid forays into the sphere most often avoided by other film makers. Witches, witchcraft, murder, a messiah, a secret cult, men sporting animal masks, and gay and lesbian sex all feature in this sometimes bizarre film. His films are also bold enough to explore the free sexual adventures unlimited by type, and fascinating stories that at times are confusing to keep up with.

The story revolves around the college life of almost 19 year old Smith (Thoman as Dekker) who spends his time hanging out with best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) and free-spirited London (Juno Temple); while also yearning for his attractive roommate Thor (Chris Zylka). Party-loving Smith is bisexual with a robust sexual appetite. He is plagued by weird dreams such as being changed by people wearing animal masks and the people he dreams about appears randomly in real life. Smith comes across an inexplicable note saying that he is the “chosen son”.

One fateful topsy-turvy night unfolds all the signs occurring in Smith’s strange dreams. Smith and others are abducted by the men in animal masks and taken to the secret cult where all is revealed. The night, complete with startling discoveries, resembles an apocalyptic fusion that also includes the appearances of Smith’s father (Michael James Spall) and pleasure-seeking mother (Kelly Lynch).





“It’s by far the funniest and warmest movie Araki has ever made, with much less juvenile angst and much more command of his craft.”

“The movie ends abruptly – too abruptly for my taste – but the gaiety lingers through the closing credits. Not even apocalypse can dispel the sexy vibes.”
   New York Magazine (Vulture)

Kaboom lets Araki play with carnality as opposed to cautioning against it.”
   Boston Globe

Did You Know?

Some exterior shots included in Kaboom feature the Theodore Geisel Library at the University of California, San Diego.  Rooney Mara was considered to play a character in the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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