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Following in a long line of sexual awakening themed films, writer and director Santiago Giralt puts a slightly different twist on this storyline for Jess & James and gives it a Thelma and Louise feel.

After a casual one night stand, Jess who is also known as Geronimo (Martin Kirach) and James (Nicolas Romeo) decide to take a road trip to escape their respective lives and the issue they are both facing – work, parents and pregnant girlfriend to name a few.

Stealing his mother’s car, James whisks Jess away on a seemingly aimless trip, one whose sole purpose is to enable James to get a reluctant Jess to himself, and build on their one night stand.

Along the way, they pick up Tomas (Frederico Fontan) and, after some initial awkwardness, have a sensuous threesome that doesn’t have the expected detrimental effect on the burgeoning relationship between Jess and James.

With the clock ticking, and the car needing to be returned, the duo take a trip to see Jess’s estranged brother to build broken bridges and re-establish a relationship based on honesty and truth.  His brother is the first member of his family that Jess is truthful with and finally introduces James as the boy he is with.

Jess & James




Jess & James is the most exciting and erotic gay-themed film since Alain Guiraudie’s Stranger By the Lake.”
   Edge Media Network

“A very sexy movie that’s intriguing to watch.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Writer and Director Santiago Giralt is a leading light not just in Argentine film circles but also amongst the theatre and literary set.  Giralt studied film at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, and started his career as a writer and had co-written several films, including Gemini (2005) and Lamb of God (2008).  Jess & James is the first gay themed feature from Los Griegos – a production company run by Giralt and his partner Federico Carol. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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