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The uncompromising thriller, Into the Lion’s Den, tells of the adventures of three gay men who head off to New York from Los Angeles in search of fun. Michael (Ronnie Kroell), Johnny (Jesse Archer) and Ted (Kristen-Alexzander Griffith) each have their own reasons for embarking on this road trip.  Johnny is finding it difficult to let go of his partying ways despite his age, Michael is nursing a broken heart and has discovered that he is HIV positive, Ted is embracing a new lifestyle.

It is on their last night of their trip that things take a turn for the deadly and the three good friends are lured to the aptly-named bar, Into the Lion’s den to endure a night of unspeakable horrors.

Unbeknown to his friends, Johnny has ulterior motives for the trio spending their last night in a backward town. Throughout their journey, he has been chatting with a man via a phone app and it is the bar, Into the Lion’s Den where he has arranged to meet this mystery man. But there is no mystery man waiting; only a twisted couple – the barman Frank (Michael Mcfadden) and his wife Betty (Jodie Shultz) who has laid a treacherous trap.

Into the Lion's Den




“Michael McFadden and Jodie Shultz are disturbingly terrific as the film’s villains.”
   The Independent Critic 

“We’re so used to seeing annoying teens in our horror films that to suddenly be confronted with characters who are not only more ‘mature’ (at least in age terms) but also have interesting problems and interactions with each other, that it seems like a genuine and welcome blast of fresh air.”
   Brutal As Hell

“Not since the prison rape in American History X or the revenge fantasy in Descent (2007) have I seen sexual sadism brought to the screen with such wickedness.”
   The M Report

Did You Know?

Into the Lion’s Den provided Kristen-Alexzander Griffith with his first feature role, and Ronnie Kroell also was one of the film’s producers. On filming in Amish Pennsylvania, Ronnie had an allergic reaction while filming in the fields and was covered in red hives. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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