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In the Flesh begins with police officer Philip Kirsch (Ed Corbin) going undercover at a gay bar and brothel called The Blue Boy. He’s there to investigate a drug ring, but finds himself fascinated with one of the hustlers, Oliver Beck (Dane Ritter.) Philip finally sleeps with Oliver while he’s there, and goes on to use his position on the police to find out more about him. Oliver, it turns out, is a college student who turns tricks to help support his heroin addicted sister, Lisa (Adele Phares).

Things get more complicated when Oliver becomes the only witness to the murder of one of his johns, Mac (Frank Roberts.) Oliver becomes a prime suspect until Philip provides him an alibi, outing himself in the process and getting suspended from the police force. While Oliver is saved from suspicion, he’s also exposed as a hustler, and gets evicted from his apartment. Philip invites Oliver to live with him, with the understanding that he doesn’t expect sex, but the two nevertheless start to form an uneasy relationship.

The murderer’s identity is revealed when he then tries to kill Philip: it’s another cop named Meyer (Philip Solomon), who is secretly involved in The Blue Boy drug ring and trying to frame Oliver for murder to prevent him from informing the police. With the murder solved, Philip returns to the police force, Oliver is able to go on with his life, and the two continue to explore their new relationship.

In the Flesh


“Romance develops between a cop and a hustler in the oddball drama “In the Flesh,” a low-budgeter that holds attention without risking plausibility.”
   Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Succeeds as an interesting mystery and drama.”
Worlds Greatest Critic

“The movie is well-written and ably directed.”
On Top Magazine

Did You Know?

In the Flesh is Ben Taylor’s directorial debut, but not his first screenplay. In addition to several other American films, Taylor also wrote a number of German TV movies. In the original screenplay, Taylor had set In the Flesh in Hamburg, but when his German producers fell through, decided to change the location to his hometown of Atlanta. The film uses almost entirely local talent and well-known Atlanta landmarks, as well as music by local musicians ODK and Wes Yoakum. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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