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Kurt (Kyle Wigent) is a young man from Boystown who makes a living dealing pot and loves his life, as well as the party scene. His boyfriend of two years, Paul (Tanner Rittenhouse), is employed at a grocery store and is a much more reclusive type. He is not that interested in doing drugs and drinking, although he would like to explore Chicago alongside his lover. Although the couple seems deeply in love, as time progress they drift further apart and their lifestyle differences become apparent and impactful.

Temptation rears its head when Kurt meets charismatic Kevin (Adam Fane), to whom he starts selling weed. He resists the young man’s advances initially, but cannot contain his urges and desire for more excitement. Kurt gives in and breaks up with Paul, sending the latter in a downward spiral of depression and hurt. While his now ex is drowning in pain, Kurt becomes fully immersed in a life of partying, doing drugs and having reckless encounters. As time goes by, the young man begins to feel empty and bored by the promiscuous sex and the constant partying. He never finds the same connection or genuine excitement that he had when he first met Paul. Dejected and miserable, Kurt reaches his breaking point when he is robbed and has no one to help him. He returns to Paul, but his ex has now moved on.

In Bloom




“Personal and romantic mixed with moments that are raw, painful and exposed.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

In Bloom is a heart wrenching and honest look at the twilight of a young, gay relationship.”
   Edge Media Network

“Chris Michael Birkmeier has made a startling and penetrating feature film debut as both writer and director of this poignant and affecting indie.”
New York Cool

Did You Know?

In Bloom is Chris Michael Birkmeier’s feature film debut, both as a director and a writer. Although the two main characters are gay, the core message of the motion picture extends far beyond a certain sexuality. Birkmeier wanted to portray what happens to a couple when commitment and comfort are not enough in the face of what is “new and exciting”, but also the long-term effects of pursuing a hedonistic life and giving up on genuine love in order to experience short-lived pleasure. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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