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In gay themed films drama I Am Happiness on Earth Emiliano (Hugo Catalán) is a talented filmmaker who specializes in musical and dance films.  The director also dabbles in the hardcore sex industry, though he’s uninterested in any serious relationships himself.  That is until he meets Octavio (Alan Ramírez), a talented dancer from one of his dance film projects.  Obsessed with Octavio, Emiliano’s phobia surrounding relationships causes him to shy away from his interest.

Emiliano continues with his work, filming sexual encounters and dramatic dance scenes.  Meanwhile, he begins viewing his own life through the eyes of a filmmaker, blending the subjective life with the objective film.  The film within a film aspect relays Emiliano’s self-obsessed nature, showing his true detachment from those he encounters.

Unsatisfied, Emiliano seeks the company of a male prostitute, a brief fling further pointing out Emiliano’s true nature.  Octavio re-enters Emiliano’s life, but it is too late.  Emiliano has grown far too obsessed to re-kindle his interest in the talented dance he once hoped would be his muse.

I Am Happiness on Earth


“By turns sexy and exasperating, hypnotic and confusing, this Mexican import is an art film for the patient, adventurous and, let’s be honest, forgiving.”
   Los Angeles Times

I am Happiness on Earth boasts magnificent cinematography and highly sensual scenes.”

Did You Know?

In I Am Happiness on Earth, actor Alan Ramirez plays the role of Octavio, the talented dancer who Emiliano obsesses over early in the film.  A natural talent, Ramirez displays his honest dancing ability onscreen.  Ramirez only other acting experience to-date was in a short entitled Wandering Clouds.  In the short, he plays a talented dancer, also named Octavio. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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