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In Hurricane Bianca, amateur stand up comedian and chemistry teacher Richard Martinez (Roy Haylock) is desperate to find a new teaching placement, and move out of New York City.  When a chance call from Lawrence Taylor (Alan Cumming) at a job agency offers a position at Milford Texas, Richard accepts and relocates from the Big Apple.  Arriving early to view Milford High School, an obnoxious vice principle Debbie Ward (Rachel Dratch), wastes no time in asserting the school rules.  Faced with a classroom of obstreperous pupils and suspicions that Richard is gay, it’s not long before the conservative establishment works against the teacher and fires him.

Desperate to drink his blues away but discovering Milford is a dry county, Richard meets local rebel Karma Johnstone (Bianca Leigh) who takes him out of town to the Tin Room, for rounds of shots before Richard is accidentally entered into a cabaret competition hosted by the colourful Ambrosia Salad (Justin ‘Alyssa Edwards’ Johnson).  Waking the next morning to having won the competition and spurred on by a $25,000 teacher of the year prize, Richard returns to school in drag.  Inspired by the ongoing weather status updates of Hurricane Bianca heading to the state of Texas, Bianca Del Rio reapplies for the newly vacant position.  Back in class Ms Del Rio wastes no time in asserting her new authority, helping the local football team to win, mending family relationships and outing a sexual predator.  “It’s not a real town; it’s like a big family reunion”

Hurricane Bianca




“This shit was nastier than Amy Schumer roasting Charlie Sheen.”
   Assholes Watching Movies

“Delivering sly digs at friends and foes alike, it is easy to see why the character became a fan favourite on television.”
   Cinema Axis

“You don’t have to be a fan of Drag Race or even Bianca Del Rio to enjoy this movie.”
   The Out Guide

Did You Know?

The fundraising campaign for Hurricane Bianca actually began before Roy Haylock joined RuPaul’s Drag Race.  The film highlights an important issue concerning discrimination.  In the United States of America you can still be fired for being gay or transgender in 28 states. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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