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House of Boys tells of gay teenager Frank’s (Layke Anderson) dramatic journey. It is 1984 and Frank enters the dazzling world of sex and music at an all-male performance club. It is this intoxicating world that he finds his soul mate, Jake (Benn Northover) who he later loses to AIDS.

Frank runs away from his bourgeois life with his best friend Rita and seeks a new life in Amsterdam. It is when Rita goes off with her boyfriend that Frank finds himself, with no place to go, at a club house called ‘House of Boys’. Here young men offer sexual services to older men. Madame (Udo Kier) manages the club. He takes Frank under his wing and offers him employment. It is here that he meets Jake (Benn Northover) a veteran popular with the patrons. Even though Jake claims to be straight and has a girlfriend, Frank falls for him. But when his girlfriend pilfers his money to pay for an abortion, Jake turns to Frank for solace. A relationship that starts off based on superficial sex develops into a much deeper love. Fate intervenes, however, when Jake is diagnosed with AIDS and Frank has to find the courage to face his lover’s decline and eventual death.

House Of Boys




“There’s nothing wrong with social message melodramas that tackle the AIDS crisis and certainly not every gay release has to please crowds like “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” but Schlim has a good-time movie with a likable cast.”
   Boxoffice Magazine

“The performances have heart, and a sorrowful tenderness courses through the self-described “fairy tale,” even at its kitschiest.”
   Los Angeles Times

“A gay tragedy in three acts and more than a dozen excellent songs, House of Boys conveys an emotional honesty that overrides its dated style.”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

Jean-Claude Schlim co-wrote the screenplay with Christian Thiry.  It is reported that despite his lead role in the film House of Boys, Layke Anderson said no to promoting it. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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