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Holding Trevor details the story of Trevor (Brent Gorski), an attractive and intelligent young man who is in a stalemate. Stuck in an unhealthy relationship with Darrell (Christopher Wyllie), a self-destructive heroin addict, and trapped in a dead-end telemarketing job, he finds no comfort in the shallow party scene. To add to his problems he is becoming distanced from his friends Andie (Melissa Searing) and Jake (Jay Brannan) due to the tedium and discontent.

When Darrell overdoses once again, Trevor finds Ephram (Eli Kranski), a medical intern at the hospital. The pair spends a romantic evening together prompting Trevor to end his destructive relationship with Darrell and renewing his friendships. During a party, Darrell shows up unannounced and causes a scene. Ephram believes that Trevor isn’t ready for a commitment, and his friendships are once again threatened.

Trevor, however, remains determined to improve his life. When Ephram informs Trevor that Darrell has died from an overdose, Trevor is devastated. Ephram tries to comfort him and then, when he is offered a job in New York declares his love for Trevor and asks him to come and live with him. Andie who has discovered she has HIV and is frightened seeks solace in Trevor’s friendship. Trevor must decide whether to be with the love of his life or to stay to look after his close friend.

Holding Trevor




“Director Rosser Goodman makes the crucial decisions facing Trevor suspenseful and involving — and tinged with humor as well as pathos.”
   Los Angeles Times

“Gorski’s script is full of catty gay banter, especially hilarious when delivered by Jay Brannan (Shortbus) as the hero’s promiscuous best friend.”
  Chicago Reader

Did You Know

A mistake in Holding Trevor is that Darrell, who is supposed to be a Heroin addict, has no track marks on his arms. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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