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Incorporating racial and economic themes, Hidden Away follows the bleak existence of Moroccan immigrant Ibrahim (Adil Koukouh), who came to Spain four years ago and is trying his best to integrate into society.  Local school boy Rafa (German Alcarazu) at 14 is aware of his sexuality and feels trapped amongst his friends who are goading him to lose his virginity to Marta.

As the two boys cross paths at a local nightclub, they are unable to fully interact as both set of friends surrounding them, break into fight, over their mutual admiration of a Spanish girl. The story of the two boys begins to run parallel, as another chance encounter soon follows.  Despite the racial situation Rafa senses a need to engage with Ibrahim and sets about tracking him down.

When the two boys eventually connect and begin spending more and more time together, they hide from the world, exploring their feelings and emotions.  Ibrahim discovers that the Spanish government has decided to extradite him, and Ibrahim sees no option but to break off his relationship with Rafa and runs away to live on the streets.

Feeling immense emptiness inside, their paths cross again as Rafa seeks to buy hashish.  The time apart has clearly reinforced the feelings the boys have for one another, and in order to remain together they plan to flee to France.   As immigration police draw closer, the two boys together, fight for their relationship in an emotional collision course with destiny.

Hidden Away




“Racism and romance are the twin focal points of Mikel Rueda’s teen outsiders drama.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Rueda takes us to the very heart of what love is and the finished product is a polished, accessible and sensitive drama.”

“Heartbreaking, The acting and storytelling were so realistic that I felt genuine concern for Guille, Rafa and Ibrahim.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

The concept of Hidden Away from writer and director Mikel Rueda is to take the audience back to the innocence of first love.  3,000 people auditioned during the casting process but the script was not given to the actors until later on.  The director wanted to eliminate the peer pressure mentality on racial and sexual identity that youth are subjected to. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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