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Set in Winnipeg, right in the middle of Canada, the story of Hey, Happy! unfolds as DJ Sabu (played by Jeremie Yuen) is about to reach a personal goal.  That goal is to sleep with 2,000 men in order to bring about the apocalypse – a flood of biblical proportion to wipe out the city of Winnipeg and all of her inhabitants.  Currently resting at 1,999 men bagged, Sabu has set his sights on prize #2,000, Happy (Craig Aftanas), a schizophrenic who is guided by the alien voices he hears through his radio.  As the voices tell Happy to go ahead and submit to Sabu, the world of meandering transsexuals and prostitutes prepares to meet its fate in the oncoming floodwaters.

However, landing Happy is not as easy as it would seem.  Hellbent on preventing this union is Spanky (Clayton Godson), a punk hairdresser with three large Native American henchwomen at his command.  Spanky instructs his minions to bring Happy to him alive, in exchange for their choice from a fine selection of wigs and beauty products.  Because even when the world is quickly coming to an end, being glamorous is still quite important.

Hey, Happy!


“I found Hey, Happy! a very satisfying and uncomfortable flick which has an awesome soundtrack.”
   Underground Film Journal

“The film is an apocalyptic fantasy that offers a comically literal perspective on the fundamentalist belief that homosexuality is leading to the end of the world.”
   Dave Kehr, The New York Times

Hey, Happy! is the gayest, grooviest sci-fi flick since Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth.”
   Ed Gonzalez, Slate Magazine

Did You Know?

Though clearly inspired by the underground works of filmmakers such as John Waters, Hey, Happy! diverts from the traditional indie formula.  Oh, there is still plenty of grotesque comedy, depravity, and full frontal nudity.  However, audiences may be surprised by the quality of the cinematography.  Expert camera work and color is in stark contrast to Pink Flamingoes, for example. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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