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In Hawaii Martín (Mateo Chiarino) is an orphan who has been living with his grandmother, and returns to his hometown to stay with an aunt when she dies. When he finds that his aunt has moved away, he’s left with little money and nowhere to stay, and starts living in an abandoned building and looking for odd jobs. In his search for work, he meets Eugenio (Manuel Vignau), a writer who was friends with Martín as a child and is currently back in his hometown house-sitting for his uncle. Eugenio hires Martín and the two have already become friendly when Eugenio discovers that Martín is homeless. He offers to let him stay at the house.

Eugenio’s motive is partly to help a friend in trouble, but also partly his attraction to Martín. Unsure of Martín’s feelings and afraid of inadvertently exploiting his vulnerable position, Eugenio is hesitant to make his feelings known as their relationship continues to become closer. Martín, meanwhile, is also attracted to Eugenio, but the barrier of their class difference makes him afraid of making the first move. As they become closer, though, several incidents make it hard for Eugenio to hide his attraction, and when Martín becomes convinced of it, he kisses him. Eugenio, flustered and unsure of himself, rebuffs him, and Martín packs up and leaves the house. After searching for him for several days, Eugenio remembers Martín mentioning a slide of Hawaii that they used to look at in a View-Master together as children. He takes the View-Master to the abandoned building where Martín had been sleeping, and a few days later Martín returns to the house with it.





“The third feature of Argentinian director Marco Berger, a two-hander starring Manuel Vignau and Mateo Chiarino, is a solid home run.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Rapturous stuff.”
   The Cue Dot Confessions

Hawaii contains clever compositions that do not attract attention but demand more attention because they are deceptively simple.”
   Celluloid Paradiso

Did You Know?

Hawaii was created by a partnership between Marco Berger and composer Pedro Irusta. Finding it difficult to attract investment, despite the worldwide success of Plan B & Absent, the duo turned to crowd funding to raise the US$ 22,000 budget. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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