Gay Essential Films To Watch, Harvest (Stadt Land Fluss)

Initially intended as a documentary, the 2011 film Harvest emerged when director Benjamin Cantu was inspired by the connections and working relationships between farmhands on a commercial farm.  The film follows Marko (Lukas Steltner), an apprentice farmhand who is busy at work doing his routine chores, such as sweeping out the barns and assisting cows with birthing and feeding their calves.  Marko is studying for his final exam.  If he passes, he will become a certified farmer.

Marko has very few contacts outside of the commercial farm on which he works.  He does not spend much time with the other 11 apprentices in his class, making him appear as a loner and an outsider.  That is until Jacob shows up during the harvest.  A new intern, Jacob (Kai Michael Müller) catches Marko’s attention and the two boys slowly begin to spend more and more time together.  Marko starts to shed his “loner” role and grows more friendly with Jacob.

As the harvest season continues, the boys grow closer and decide to take a trip together.  Once the apprentices are awarded a holiday break, Marko and Jacob take a day trip to Berlin.  Together and alone at last, they begin to fall in love, throwing caution to the wind and having yet to determine how they will live openly gay in a strict society.





“There’s no hurry and nothing feels forced: The story unfolds organically, to its own rhythm, and the characters unfold along with it.”
   Edge Boston

“Many will find much to savour in a vision of homoerotic attraction which charts its instinctive development in such a naturalistic way.”

“The entire feature is embedded with a slow and unfolding beauty that is beyond mesmerising. It has an almost mystic quality that, despite being devoid of any grand climaxes, grabs you completely. An extraordinary debut.”

Did You Know?

A documentary filmmaker, Benjamin Cantu was scouting the Brandenburg area in 2007, looking for cooperative farms to film for his next documentary project.  Dealing with some of the apprentices and co-op farmers, Cantu was inspired to create the film Harvest after thinking about how a gay love story might unfold in the country.  The bulk of the film was shot during the height of the harvest season, inspiring the title of the film that would soon become Cantu’s first feature length fiction. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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