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Guys and Balls begins with Ecki Jung (Maximilian Brückner) and his family, who own a bakery in their small town. Ecki’s sister, Susanne, moved to the bigger city of Dortmund while Ecki stayed behind to work in the family business and play as the goalie on the local football team. When Ecki misses a point in an important match, his teammates start to taunt him, but it isn’t until they catch him impulsively kissing another teammate that they kick him off the team. Soon his parents (Dietmar Bär and Saskia Vester) find out and aren’t happy, and before long the whole town knows and starts to ostracise him. In retaliation for his treatment, Ecki vows to recruit an all-gay football team to play against his old team in four weeks.

Ecki then goes to stay with his sister, who is more accepting of his sexuality, in Dortmund while he tries to recruit a team. Ecki is extremely inexperienced, and runs into some comic misunderstandings as he goes to popular gay spots to try to find teammates. Along the way he finds the kind male nurse Sven (David Rott), who becomes his first boyfriend. He finally succeeds in putting together his team, who come to his small town and defeat the old team. Ecki’s parents, meanwhile, have had time to process their feelings and accept their son, and the family is reunited.

Guys and Balls


“It’s surefire entertainment: loopy and predictable, but tremendously likeable.”
   G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

“If there’s a gay cliche who doesn’t flounce through this feel-good German comedy, he must have been out of town when the casting call went out, but its fundamental good nature is tough to resist.”
   TV Guide Magazine

“Both totally predictable and unerringly charming, with all of the quirky players, training montages, and father-son drama you’d expect.”
   Village Voice

Did You Know?

The director of Guys and Balls, Sherry Hormann, is originally from New York but moved to Germany at a young age. The genre of sports comedy wasn’t popular in Germany at the time the film came out, and Hormann’s American roots may be partly responsible for the film. The film debuted in Germany in 2004, and went on to play at numerous international gay film festivals the following year. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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