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Andrew Haigh filmed Greek Pete as an effort to document the nature of being an up and coming male escort in London. The movie follows Pete Pittaros as the titular main subject through a year in the life as he strives to win the Escort of the Year award, a commendation given to one lucky winner at the World Escort Awards in Los Angeles out of a pool of over forty thousand industry workers around the world.

The audience gets a glimpse into the world of sex workers, their trials and tribulations, and the progress Pete makes as he strives towards the coveted award. Since the feature is a docudrama, it consists of many a testimony from Pete himself about the colourful requests of his clients and the limitations of his work, as well as his parents’ impressions of his chosen career path. Moreover, the camerawork candidly captures the freewheeling encounters of the various sex workers it documents; said workers trawl Hyde Park and exchange gossip about their clients, as well as engage in casual drug use. The subject matter of male prostitution and escort services in London grew out of Andrew Haigh’s real, six-month-long experience living with a community of rent-boys, as they are colloquially termed, in central London.

Greek Pete


“Haigh has garnered an enviable amount of trust from his ‘actors’.”
   Eye For Film

“Haigh’s film is a frank, compassionate and at times poetic work: a freewheeling drama drawn from real experiences and played out by real sex workers.”
The Skinny

“Shockingly entertaining.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Andrew Haigh is an English screenwriter and director who has assistant-directed alongside such prolific directors as Harmony Korine and Ridley Scott, and Haigh later went on to direct the critically acclaimed 2001 feature Weekend. Inspired by films like Midnight Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho and Mysterious Skin, Haigh was quoted in an interview that those films idolise the world of prostitution but then condemn it at the same time, giving a mixed message. This was an approach that Haigh wanted to avoid with Greek Pete. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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