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Elle (Lily Tomlin) is a fearless and peppy lesbian who is not scared of challenges and a good adventure. After breaking up with her four-month girlfriend, Olivia (Judy Greer), she realizes that she is still not over the death of her long-time partner. However, there is little time to grieve when Elle receives an unexpected visit from her granddaughter, Sage (Julia Garner). The eighteen-year-old girl is pregnant and scheduled in the afternoon for an abortion. Her boyfriend (Nat Wolff) promised he would pay for it, but has just let her know that he will not be helping out at all. Her mother also took away the young girl’s credit card and refuses to give it back to her. Desperate and overwhelmed by the situation, Sage comes in search of rescue and asks her grandmother to get her out of this messy situation.

The abortion costs $630, but as a poet, Elle barely makes enough to make ends meet. The two venture on a road trip to Los Angeles, where they plan to somehow raise enough funds and make it back in time at the abortion clinic. The gutsy woman tries to get money from an old friend and tattoo artist, Deathy (Laverne Cox), who owes her $400, as well as from Sage’s father. Without much success, the two end up contacting Olivia, a café owner named Carla (Elizabeth Peña) and Elle’s former husband, Karl (Sam Eliott).





“Lily Tomlin steers a poignant, hilarious Tour de Force.”
   The Wrap

“Lily Tomlin brings deep reserves of anger and sorrow to this constantly surprising character piece.”

“Weitz wisely has no time for fluff – these are clever women charting tricky territory and spending 78 minutes in their company is an easy choice to make.”
Eye For Film

Did You Know?

Grandma was shot over the course of nineteen days and the film’s director wrote the main character’s role specifically for Lily Tomlin. Morevoer, Deathy’s character was also created with Laverne Cox in mind, after Paul Weitz witnessed her stunning performance in Orange Is The New Black. The director draws a parallel between Sage and Elle’s relationship and the beloved duo of Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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