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Going Down in LA-LA Land is a comedy drama about Adam (Matthew Ludwinski), who moves to LA to try and find paid work as an actor. He moves in with his friend Candy (Allison Lane) who is financially supported by her fiancé Frank (Scott DeFalco). Adam meets Nick (Casper Andreas) at the gym and with Nick’s help, Adam gets a job with Jet Set Productions, a company that makes gay pornographic films.

Initially refusing to take part in the films, Adam stays behind the camera until he begins to struggle financially, when he takes a part in a solo video and goes on to be an escort. Adam then meets John, an actor starring in a popular TV sitcom, with whom he starts a relationship and goes on to become his assistant. When Adam’s porn star career is exposed in the papers, John ends their relationship not wanting to risk his career.

Despite Candy’s urging that he take advantage of his new-found fame, Adam refuses to hurt John. Following a near fatal cocktail of alcohol and drugs, Adam is still in hospital when John calls. Although Adam loves John he will not return to a situation of keeping their relationship secret. While Adam is packing to move away, John turns up wanting Adam back.

Going Down in LA-LA Land




“Director Casper Andreas does a good job conserving a simultaneous sense of disgust and attraction for the way big-city dreams end up stripping off wannabes from everything but their bodies.”
   Slant Magazine

“The casting of Ludwinski is pitch perfect and the young actor plays Adam with a subtlety and ease that is refreshing and unexpected.  We are often treated to lingering shots of Adam’s wide-eyed facial reactions to his environments which are handled brilliantly by Ludwinski and his subdued performance throughout the film adds a needed gravity to the more powerful scenes he commands. ”
   Out Magazine

“If nothing else, I could have happily watched Matthew Ludwinski doing nothing but hanging around with his shirt off, but luckily there’s more to Going Down in LA-LA Land than that, making it well worth a look.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Andy Zeffer’s novel Going Down in LA-LA Land and on which the film is based, was his first novel and is available on download for kindle. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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