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In the style of a ‘road movie’ Give Me Your Hand tells the story of 18 year old identical twins, Quentin (Victor Carril) and Antoine (Alexandre Carril). Although not much is shown in the way of their family background, it is apparently dysfunctional; one brother appears to be closer to their father than the other and works in the family bakery. The other twin appears to exist on the periphery.

The twins have had no contact or relationship with their mother. However when she dies, the two set off on a hitch-hiking adventure to Barcelona to attend her funeral. This hasty and unplanned journey through the French and Spanish countryside leads them into a series of encounters with many different people. Throughout the trip, the brothers engage in sexual encounters with people they meet along the way, including one twin prostituting the other after catching him engaging in gay sex with a farmhand.

The difference in their personalities and their sexual attractions are revealed as is their confusion. Along the way, there are many arguments and reconciliations. The feelings of loathing, sibling rivalry and intimacy come to a head as the twins’ relationship is altered in the approach to adulthood.

Give Me Your Hand




“What’s refreshing about Pascal-Alex Vincent’s dramatically thin but richly atmospheric feature debut is that it recognizes the essential truth of the conceit: all seminal voyages are journeys of heightened awareness, as visceral as they are emotional.”
   Time Out New York

“Some viewers may enjoy Give Me Your Hand simply as an excuse to gaze at the Carril brothers.”
   The New York Times

“A haunting offbeat affair.”
   Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Give Me Your Hand director Pascal-Alex Vincent had previously collaborated with the actors Alexandre and Victor Carril on his short film directorial debut Baby Shark. Give Me Your Hand is Vincent’s feature film directorial debut. Give Me Your Hand was inspired by the famous road movies of the 70s. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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