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Getting Go, the Go Doc Project is the directorial debut of Cory Kruekeberg.  Exploring themes of flirtation and obsession, the film follows a college boy named Doc as he pursues his crush, the popular New York City nightclub go-go dancer named Go.  Doc religiously watches Go’s blog and online cam.  After befriending Go, Doc decides he wants to shoot a film about what it is like to be Go.  However, the film project is a simple rouse in order to get close to Go.  Following his fake project and his passion, Doc accompanies Go everywhere with a camera in hand to capture every experience.

The two men begin to grow closer to one another, becoming more intimate as a deep bond forms between the two.  As flirtation unfolds Doc is thrilled by the experiences before him.  Go and Doc soon have a steamy and romantic night together.  Afterwards, Doc, however is conflicted by the experience.  He seemingly got everything he ever wanted….or did he?  The film closes as Doc is left to learn a lesson about the truth underlying obsessions.

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project




“This really is guerrilla filmmaking at its best. No crew, a kickstarter budget of $10K, one actor and one real life go-go boy in an innovative hybrid of documentary, narrative and art film that is such a delight.”
   The Gay UK

“If viewers aren’t thrown by the fairly explicit opening scene, then they are ultimately in for an unexpected treat.”

Did You Know?

As writer of Were the World Mine, Cory Kruekeberg had his sights set on Tanner Cohen to play his lead character in Getting Go, the Go Doc Project.  Turning to kickstarter, Kruekeberg successfully raised more than his intended funding goal in order to acquire everything he needed to get his project off the ground, including his chosen star. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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