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Directed by Gary Entin, the film Geography Club is a comedy based on the best-selling novel by the same title. Geography Club follows the story of Russell Middlebrook, a handsome, likeable teenager at Goodkind High School. After meeting online, Russell plans to meet with another boy, as both are beginning to discover their sexuality. As it turns out, Russell is in fact chatting with Kevin, Goodkind High’s all-star quarterback. The two boys begin to develop feelings for one another and Kevin gets Russell a place on the football team so they can spend more time together.

However, Kevin is still closeted and wishes to remain so, bringing their growing relationship to a crossroads. Russell decides to take a break and go on a camping trip with his best friend Gunnar and two girls, Trish and Kimberly. Having no interest in the sexual advances of Trish, Russell is eventually outed as being gay by Gunnar’s cruel girlfriend, Kimberly, and becomes the subject of ridicule in the school.

Min, a classmate who once caught Russell and Kevin kissing, convinces Russell to attend a Geography Club meeting. At first confused, Russell soon discovers the Geography Club is a cover for the school’s small LGBT community. Viewing the club as an opportunity to offer support for other LGBT students, Russell and Min agree, with the help of the rest of the club, to post flyers and invite other closeted students and LGBT supporters to step forward.

Geography Club




“If the characterizations are perfunctory, the performances give them unexpected weight.”
   Village Voice

“The film is at its strongest when Russell and Kevin face tests of their character brought on by their interactions with homophobic students.”
   The New York Times

“The idea here isn’t to titillate with tawdry teen hormones, but to offer an outlet for all that mental distress young people take on while trying to find their place in the world.”

Did You Know?

Chock full of talent, Geography Club shares some excellent cameo performances, such as Saturday Night Live’s Ana Gasteyer as liberal science teacher Mrs. Toles and Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula in a brief role as Kevin’s father. However, the talent runs even deeper than cameos alone, as some of the music in the film’s soundtrack was actually performed and recorded by the actors themselves, including Meaghan Martin, who plays the role of Trish, and Nikki Blonsky, who plays lesbian rocker Therese. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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