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G.B.F. outlines the friendship between two high school friends: Tanner (Michael J Willett) and Brent (Paul Iacono) are gay best friends who are in the closet.  They both attend North Gateway High School and Brent is keen to be in the spotlight, believing that coming out will make him instantly popular as the first ever GBF (Gay Best Friend) as this is the latest trend according to the teen girl magazines. Conversely, Tanner wants to stay unnoticed and finish high school without undue attention.

The school is dominated by three competing cliques led by Fawcett (Sasha Pietrese), the head of the popular students, Caprice (Xosha Roquemore) the head of the minorities and good-girl, Shley (Andrea Bowen) a Mormon who leads the Christains. When things go awry and Tanner is outed instead of Brent, the two boys become frenemies and three girls launch an all out war to win Tanner’s friendship, in the belief that this will ensure their place as prom queen.

Tanner outs Brent to Brent’s mother (Megan Mullally) in revenge and soon comes to regret it when Brent stops talking to him. Tanner then reluctantly befriends the three girls because they protect him from bullying. Brent becomes annoyed at all the attention Tanner is getting.

At the prom, Tanner and Fawcett are crowned prom king and queen and Tanner makes a speech apologising to his true friends for abandoning them and he asks Brent for forgiveness. Tanner and Brent make up but decide to remain friends rather than becoming romantically involved.





“The film, lensed in appealing candy-striped colours, has so much fun exploding stereotypes and radiates with such infectious comic gusto and genuine good nature, that it would be almost churlish to resist its charms.”
   Slant Magazine

“It’s cheery but still has a bit of a bite, makes a point without ever being too preachy and features a litany of quotable lines with a cleverness not seen since “Heathers.”
   Chicago Sun-Times

G.B.F. has been unfairly slapped with an R rating, but the film is about as scandalous as a “Glee” episode. It’s suitable for young teenage girls, who apparently are far more at ease with the times than the homophobic folks at the MPAA. Don’t let their rating fool you: The movie may be thoroughly modern, yet it’s old-fashioned, too.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

Did You Know?

The film G.B.F. made nearly three times its budget, ensuring it as a box office success.  G.B.F. premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.  A continuity ‘goof’ shows Tanner’s arms both down and then his left hand up by his shoulder when a different camera picks up the shot. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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