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For his directorial debut, Martin Farina uses what he knows best, his family and football.  With his younger brother, Tomas, seemingly about to achieve his dream career as a professional footballer, Marti is allowed access to a world most fans don’t get to see.

With Martin never able to fulfill his own dream of playing football, he turns his camera on the world of his brother and his teammates.  The film shows how split the team can be in terms of allowing Martin full, unfettered access, but in allowing the viewer in also gives a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors – the insecurity of this as a career, the preening that men do across the world and a camera that loves the male form.

This all makes for an unusual documentary and one where a love of football is not a prerequisite.  It provides an insight into the male ego, and how sportsmen behave away from the gaze of fans.  It forms a showcase for the grueling training involved in just keeping on top of your game, and the time spent waiting around for that 90 minute game – it becomes something of a confessional piece, offering each player a chance for an interview without questions, allowing them to make their own statement about themselves, their teammates and the beautiful game.

Fulboy has the feel of the Deux De Stade series, but for football.





“The ultimate voyeur experience”

“A portrayal of professional athletes as both sexy and real”
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Did You Know?

Fulboy director Martin Farina was born in Buenos Aires in 1982 and has a degree in communications from the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, where he also studied music and philosophy.  Farina is a member of La Otra Radio, a radio program on cinema culture in Argentina and regularly produces industrial reels, music videos and commercials.  Farina has worked as a cinematographer, writer, director and producer on both Fulboy and his other 2015 documentary, El Hombre de Paso Piedra. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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