Gay Essential Films To Watch, From Beginning to End (Do Começo ao Fim)

Julieta (Julia Lemmertz) is a doctor and the mother of Francisco (Lucas Cotrim/João Gabriel Vasconcellos), and Thomás (Gabriel Kaufman / Rafael Cardoso), both from different fathers. The beginning of the film shows the moment when six year old Francisco visits his baby brother in hospital, when baby Thomas opens his eyes, for the first time, to gaze at Francisco.

Francisco’s father Pedro is the first to realize the two brothers share a special relationship, when they spend Christmas with him in Buenos Aires. Pedro tells Julieta what he has discovered, but it is not a surprise to her as she already knew about her children’s close bond.

When Julieta dies, the boys are adults and the pain of losing their mother brings them closer still. They then face separation when Thomas is invited to train as a swimmer in Russia for three years. Francisco, initially unhappy about this, convinces him to go. During their separation Thomas keeps himself busy training while Francisco struggles. He meets a girl and attempts a relationship but his love for Thomas overrides this and so he goes to Russia to be with Thomas.

From Beginning to End




“This conflict free story of brotherly love is as passionate, as it is controversial.”
  Gay Celluloid

“Brazil should be proud to have this film. It represents very well the beautiful people of Brazil, their culture and it gives you great insight of a culture that is filled with traditions as well as strong family and community ties.”
Hollywood Independents 

“The events as presented are depicted with such love and tenderness it is difficult not to be moved to tears.”
Celluloid Paradiso

Did You Know?

The soundtrack of From Beginning to End was a huge hit in Brazil featuring famous Brazilian pop stars including Maria Bethania, Angela Ro Ro, Simone and Zizi Possi. The album produced several big hits. The film was shown in only nine theatres on its opening weekend. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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