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Free Fall tells the story of Marc (Hanno Koffler) who develops feelings for Kay (Max Riemelt).  All is going well for Marc who has good career prospects in the police force. He has settled down with his girlfriend and together they have a mortgage and a baby on the way.

His world is turned upside down when he attends a Police Academy training course where he meets Kay and develops feelings for him. Kay is blond and sexy and has a laid-back attitude as well as a penchant for drug use.

The pair begins jogging together in the woods and over the course of time they begin a passionate, yet secret, affair, after Kay comes onto him. Marc who is divided between his exciting new life and the comfort of his old one starts to feel the pressures of a double life and begins to neglect his girlfriend. In time, as his life goes out of control, he comes to realise that he cannot make everyone happy, including himself.

Free Fall




“The film’s essential thematic debate between desire and loyalty is an easy one for audiences to connect with, and the attraction of Koffler and Riemelt – both between their characters and for the audience – gives Free Fall enough fire to remain a worthwhile picture.”

“Winner of the Jury Award for Best Feature Film at Philadelphia QFest, Free Fall is a melodrama of the highest order.”

Outrageously intimate and sexy!”
Hamburger Abendblatt

Did You Know?

Free Fall was the feature film debut for Stephen Lacant and the first screenplay written by actor Karsten Dahlem, who co-wrote it along with Stephen Lacant the director.

Award-winning actor Hanno Koffler, born in 1980, has played roles in feature films and TV productions. He received acclaim for his portrayal of a traumatised German soldier in ‘A Hero’s Welcome’. Max Riemelt, born in 1984, is also an award-winning actor who has worked in both film and television. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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Free Fall

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