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Career politician David Holst (played by Bjorn Kjellman) seems like a sure winner for the honour of Sweden’s next Prime Minister. However, the voting public has other ideas in mind. A shocking turnout on election day delivers Holst and his Liberal party a shortage of seats and a stunning defeat. Dejected, David takes some time to step away from politics and consider his personal life and political future.

David soon crosses paths with Martin (played by Eric Ericson), who is an operative for the opposing party, the Social Democrats. The two men surprisingly hit it off nicely, spending the evening drinking and debating the pros and cons of each other’s respective opinions on the best path forward for Sweden. Shockingly, this evening of drinks and debates ends with a long kiss goodnight, an action which threatens to flip David’s personal and political life upside down.

As David comes to terms with his sexuality he is faced with a litany of challenges. In particular, David must come clean with not only his wife, but his scores of political backers. Falling for another man is dangerous enough in politics, but falling for a member of the opposition could spell the death of David’s political career.

Four More Years




“As sex scandals topple political careers in the U.S. and elsewhere, “Four More Years” provides a very different take on the effects of secret desire on public office in open-minded Sweden.”

“From multi-talented actress and director Tova Magnusson-Norling comes this wonderfully refreshing take on falling in love with a member of the opposite side of the political divide.”
Gay Celluloid

“A well made, funny and rather sweet Swedish rom-com, which may have a pretty standard plot, but certainly makes for an entertaining watch.”
Big Gay Picture Show

Did You Know?

Swedish born director Tova Magnusson makes an appearance in Four More Years (Fyra år till) herself, playing the role of David Holst’s wife, Fia. During the film, David references his desire to watch the very popular Swedish crime drama, Beck. This reference is a subtle nod from Magnusson, as she was married to and later divorced from actor Figge Norling, with their marriage coinciding with Norling’s time spent on the series. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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