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Paul, played by Kevin Bishop, is an eighteen-year-old musician living in San Francisco. The definition of a starving artist, Paul struggles to make rent and still manage to pursue his passion. When the world-famous pianist Richard Kennington (played by Paul Rhys) comes to the city for a concert, Paul is delighted to take a job as Richard’s page turner. This job presents unfiltered access to one of Paul’s idols.

While working closely together, Paul and Richard start to develop feelings for one another, which puts them on the crash course for a passionate affair. Sadly, Richard’s time in San Francisco is brief and he must ultimately leave Paul behind. Sometime later, Paul visits Spain with his mother Pamela (Juliet Stevenson). While touring Barcelona, Paul is surprised to run into Richard. Ditching his mother on their holiday, Paul spends the majority of his trip alone with Richard. Pamela, meanwhile, has to come to terms with the fact that her son is a grown man and no longer a boy. Six months later, Paul is studying as a musician in New York and jumping into bed with almost any gay musician or influencer he comes across. Paul’s world is once again turned upside down as he continues to recall his times with Richard. Realizing he is in love, Paul finds himself at a crossroads between career and love.

Food Of Love




“Music may be the food of love, but there’s more heartbreak than happiness in Spanish director Ventura Pons’ English-language debut.”

“It’s about the fragile mechanism that is the young artist — and how the slightest emotional jolt, coming at just the wrong time, can derail a life forever.”
SF Gate

“A poignant and compelling story about relationships, Food of Love takes us on a bumpy but satisfying journey of the heart.”
Urban Cinefile

Did You Know?

In approaching David Leavitt’s book, Spanish director Ventura Pons took some playful liberties with the title. While Leavitt’s novel bears the more straightforward title of The Page Turner, Pons chose to call the film Food of Love. This title has a two-part meaning. First, it was William Shakespeare who once said, “Music is the food of love,” which is an obvious theme in this film. However, Pons also used these three little words to illustrate how the character of Paul is chewed up and devoured between his love for Richard and his love of music. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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