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Dealing with the topic of same sex relationships, Floating Skyscrapers tells the story of Kuba (Mateusz Babasiuk), a champion swimmer who has been training for 15 years. He lives at home with his overbearing mother Ewa (Katarzyna Herman) and his girlfriend Sylwia (Marta Nieradkiewicz). There is tension between the two women and Ewa wants Sylwia to move out. Kuba argues that he wants her with him and she helps with the rent.

Much of Kuba’s time is spent training for upcoming swimming competitions. One evening, while he is out with his girlfriend at an art gallery, he meets Michal (Bartosz Gelner). Michal is handsome and the same age as Kuba. A love triangle ensues in which Kuba must choose either Michal or Sylwia or he can choose to have both of them. Kuba slowly comes to accept his homosexuality, and the film follows the effect this has on is family despite interference from the clingy Sylwia.

After spending time with Michal, Kuba’s coach is pleased with Kuba’s performance. However at the swimming competition, Kuba suddenly stops and leaves the pool, heading to Michal’s home. However when he gets there, two men call him a fag and he denies that he is gay. Later that evening, Michal comes out to his family and then tells his mother that he loves Kuba.

Floating Skyscrapers




“A sexy swimmer struggles to tell the difference between sexual appetite and sexual orientation in Floating Skyscrapers (Plynace wiezowce), the accomplished second feature of young Polish director Tomasz Wasilewski.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“Understated performances and sexual realism are a solid start for Poland’s “first LGBT film”
   The Guardian

“Polish director Tomasz Wasilewski delivers a feel-bad coming-out drama in artful, sexually provocative fashion.”

Did You Know?

Although Director Tomasz Wasilewski stated that this was Poland’s first gay-themed film, this was not true.  Director Tomasz Wasilewski, who wrote the screenplay for Floating Skyscrapers, also directed In The Bedroom. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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