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In the 80s inspired gender-bender comedy First Period, soon to be sweet sixteen Cassie (Brandon Alexander III) has recently located to a new high school.  Rebuffed from the “in crowd” led by the perfectly blonde Heather (Lauren Rose Lewis) and Other Heather (Karli Kaiser),  Cassie bonds with the school outcast Maggie aka “Coat Rack” in Female Anatomy class.  Cassie is busy planning her birthday party and has just five days to become popular, so that the cool kids will attend her birthday party.

The day prior to Cassie’s sweet sixteen birthday party is a school talent show.  The girls plot to win by performing rap.  During art class Brett (Leigh Wakeford) overhears the strategy and reports back to The Heathers, who then announce to the outcasts that they have broken up with their boyfriends.  The Heathers offer their now ex boyfriends to Cassie and Maggie as dates.  Despite offering their virginity to the confused boys who reject their aggressive sexual advances, the boys only want to find out what the two girls will do in order to win the talent show.  The next day at school rumours are throughout the campus that Cassie and Maggie slept with the boys on their first date.

When it appears that the student body have disappeared from school, Cassie and Maggie attend a psychic reading with Madame Mulva (Judy Tenuta) who offers some tough advice.  The students are attending a private pool party organised by Heather in her bid to win votes for the talent show.  Cassie and Maggie crash the pool party and attempt to turn the tables.  With an agreement of truce, Heather and Other Heather attend a planned pyjama party but it is clear that they will stop at nothing to win the upcoming talent show.

First Period


“Gut bustingly funny.”

First Period has all the makings of a cult classic and it’s just come out.”
Christian Cintron, EdgeMediaNetwork

“We could do with more films like this … a little silly, a little sweet, a bit camp and pretty funny”

We Say:
First Period is the ultimate popcorn movie experience, I don’t recall a funnier LGBT film.  Brandon Alexander III (Cassie) is a hilarious hybrid of Hattie Jacques and Barbara Windsor of the Carry On films but set in the 80s rather than 60s.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Set in 1989 and filmed in just 10 days, Director Charlie Vaughn vision of First Period was homage to popular 1980s films and in particular John Waters’ films.  Dudley Beene and Brandon Alexander III had to shave themselves each day before filming and sustained a lot of cuts due to using budget razors. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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