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Female Trouble mirrors the life story of Dawn Davenport (Divine), from progressing from a rebel-rousing teenager, who has earned a reputation for fighting, cheating and lying into a fame-fixated mass murderer who remains defiant until her end. It all starts when her parents, deny her cha-cha heels as a Christmas present. Disappointed and enraged, she leaves home. While on the run, and after being raped by Earl Peterson (Divine) she finds herself as a single parent.

Dawn becomes a glamorous model at the beauty salon, Lipstick Salon, owned by the Dashers, Donna ( Mary Vivian Pearce) and Donald (David Lochary) who encourage and support the violent and criminal acts perpetrated by Dawn.

Her daughter, Taffy (Mink Stole), turns into becoming an equally troublesome daughter as she was. Taffy, wanting to know the identity of her father, begs her mother to tell her who he is. After Dawn reluctantly reveals his identity, Taffy goes in search of him. She tracks him down in a rundown house in a drunken state. When he tries to sexually attack her, she stabs him to death. She then tells her mother that she is joining the Hare Krishna movement.

Dawn finds herself on the run again wanted for her criminal acts of violence, but this time is arrested by the police. She is found guilty and meets her death on the electric chair.

Female Trouble




“It’s the hallmark of a classic that must be seen to be disbelieved.”
   New Times (L.A.)

“Raggedly produced, savagely funny movie.”
   TV Guide

“A hilariously appalling film, Female Trouble is just as disgusting and far funnier than Waters’ previous Pink Flamingos, if not as notorious.”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

John Waters initially considered “Rotten Mind, Rotten Face” as a title before settling on Female Trouble. Divine sang the lyrics of the title song of the film that Waters wrote. Divine also opted to do his own stunt work, the most challenging being flips on a trampoline for the nightclub routine. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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