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In Fashion Victims (Reine Geschmacksache) Wolfgang Zenker (Edgar Selge) is a 52-year old retailer who distributes merchandise to classic women boutiques. With a home-loving, loyal wife, Erika (Franziska Walser), and a handsome young son, Karsten (Florian Bartholomäi), the middle-aged man is struggling to keep up both with the newly fashion trends and his own family drama. Things take a turn for the worse – professionally and financially – when a shrewd and eager salesman called Steven Brookmüller (Roman Knizka) designs a brand new fashion collection, “Grazilla”, that decidedly endangers Wolfgang’s outmoded, but time-tested clothing line.

As the salesman’s long-established “Goldberg” range is in jeopardy and his borderline speeding ticket history is direful, Wolfgang doesn’t want to risk further exposing himself. So he decides to cancel his son’s highly-anticipated trip to Spain in order to have a driver available for all of his rendezvous. Karsten is a charming closeted gay teen, who writes for a horoscope and hasn’t yet brought up the courage to disclose his sexuality to his parents. Inexperienced and impatient, the young man is more than slightly inconvenienced by his father’s decision, as he can no longer attend his own high-school graduation ceremony in Spain. However, Karsten soon finds that this cancelled trip is a blessing in disguise when he meets and develops a crush on none other than his father’s fashion rival, Steven. Wolfgang’s son is suddenly faced with a difficult choice not only because he’s “fraternizing with the enemy”, but also because his family doesn’t yet know that he is gay.

Fashion Victims


“It’s a fundamentally good-natured film and benefits from a quartet of cracking performances.”
   Eye For Film

“This film was not a just a coming of age for our young gay hero; it was a turning point and a coming of age for a family.”

“A postmodern take on the ‘coming-out-of-the-closet’ queer genre where the entire plot does not centre around this, it merely slots it into the storyline along with other dramatic plot points.”
   Baby Dylan

Did You Know?

Fashion Victims (Reine Geschmacksache) main plotline, including Wolfgang’s speeding tickets and Karsten’s annulled trip, was actually inspired from a similar real-life experience involving Ingo Rasper. When the director was 18 years old, his father had threatened to cut out his college tuition unless Rasper would drive him around for a whole month. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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