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James Grant, played by actor Michael Grant, is a young man who recently returned to his family apple orchard Fair Haven after visiting a Christian gay conversion camp.  James’ father, Richard Grant (Tom Wopat) is an emotionally distant apple farmer who only wants the best for James despite his inability to understand his own son’s desires.  Richard envisions a life for James much like his very own: inherit the family orchard, find a nice girl, settle down and have a quiet family life.  James, however, has aspirations beyond the apple orchard.  He wishes to study music and explore the world outside of his sleepy Vermont town.

Upon returning from camp, James helps his father with the daily apple deliveries.  During one such delivery he runs into his former love, Charlie.  Feelings of shame and emotional conflict are stirred up in James.  He truly misses Charlie.  He knows he is gay, but he recalls the words of his camp counsellor time and time again, referring to Bible verses and labelling homosexuality as sin and an abomination of nature.

James attempts to start a relationship with Suzy, a local girl who he meets at church.  However, he realizes a heterosexual relationship is just not really who he is, and finds himself drawn back to Charlie.  James breaks Suzy’s heart and draws the ire of his father, Richard.  A rift forms between them as James and Charlie decide to leave.  However, the bonds of family soon prevail.

Fair Haven




Fair Haven is a thoroughly engaging movie that tackles a difficult topic (the devastating impact of “reparative” therapy) with a surprisingly light hand and admirable subtlety.”
   Washington Blade

“The film is deftly and meticulously directed by newcomer Kerstin Karlhuber and the keen and intelligent script was written by Jack Bryant.”
   Edge Media Network

Fair Haven is a touching modern day love story.”
   San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

Did You Know?

Director Kerstin Karlhuber is actually a native of Vermont.  When she was growing up, she spent many days working with farmers on a local apple orchard.  This early firsthand experience influenced many of the decisions made on her feature film Fair Haven when the screenplay was finished, including the choice of location, the people, and the attitudes surrounding homosexuality in a small farming community. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

Read our interview with Director Kerstin Karlhuber

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