Halloqueen Queer Essentials, Everlasting Love (Amor Eterno)

Carlos (Joan Bentaile), a teacher at a local language school, frequents a local cruising ground. One evening he encounters a teenage boy from his class Toni (Almar Vega), and the two engage in a brief sexual tryst.

So begins Everlasting Love (Amor Eterno), with director and co-writer Marçal Forés weaving his storyline through the main protagonists of Carlos and Toni.

As the relationship between the teacher and younger student begins to develop, some dark truths emerge about the young man and his mysterious group of friends.  Seemingly incidental events start to connect as the film unravels – not least of which is the discovery of a badly mutilated body in the cruising ground.

Carlos becomes both sexual predator and authoritarian figure as he rebuffs the young student Toni and so Fores starts to create the tension that holds this film together throughout, as Toni has a youthful and possibly naive attachment to Carlos.  Toni’s friends take his rebuff by the older teacher personally and exact a revenge in kind, which sets the film up for an unexpected climax.

Everlasting Love




“An eerie little arthouse chiller.”

“Romantic in its own macabre.”
   Miami New Times

“Amor Eterno is something you don’t get to see that often, and it gave me a damn great time.”
   Horror Movie Diary

Did You Know?

Marçal Forés is a writer/director, known for several projects, including Animals (2012) and Friends Forever (2007).  Everlasting Love (Amor Eterno) was commissioned by Spanish TV channel Calle 13 which supports artists and film-makers and regularly commissions new work.  The films cruising ground is actually the Montjuic region near Barcelona – and is an actual cruising ground, as evidenced by the real life condoms on the ground! Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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