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Elliot Loves carefully weaves together two different phases of one young man’s quest to find love in life, in all its truest forms. The film begins with a 9 year old Elliot (played by 11 year old Quentin Davis Araujo), as he tries to find a loving bond with his mother (Elena Goode). As the lovechild of an illicit affair, Elliot is somewhat unwanted by his mother, and thus he works harder for her affection and support. Adding to this challenge, Ma herself is single and looking for love, often pushing her son off to the side to satisfy her own love interests. This leaves Elliot often unsatisfied, unsettled, and feeling unloved.

Fast forward twelve years and we find a 21 year old Elliot (played by Fabio Costaprado) living in New York City. Now an adult, Elliot faces some of the same challenges his mother faced in attempting to find love but, perhaps, searching in all of the wrong places for it. An openly gay man, Elliot frequents the New York club scene, attempting to find the right lover. When a stunning young gogo dancer named Kiko (played by Jermaine Montell) enters Elliot’s life, it seems things may finally change for the better.

Elliot Loves




“The character of Elliot himself is a very intriguing one, as we have all either been in his position or know a friend that has been there”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“In his debut feature Terracino of My Polish Waiter credit charms with a “two tales in one” piece.”
Gay Celluloid

Did You Know?

Elliot Loves was truly a labour of love. It took writer/director Gary Terracino and producing partner Juan Caceres over six years to secure backing for the project. On more than on occasion, rights to Terracino’s script were optioned, and then the backer dropped out. Production companies also put extra pressure on Terracino to change key aspects of his film, such as making it “less gay,” making the script less complicated, or filming in Los Angeles instead of New York. Through it all, Terracino and Caceres decided to compromise on very little, resulting in the film they wanted to create from the outset. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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