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Set in Los Angeles, California, the film eCupid follows the story of Marshall (Houston Rhines), an advertising designer, who is turning 30 and frustrated with his dead-end job working for a boss (John Callahan) who doesn’t appreciate him or his talents. Marshall has been with boyfriend, Gabe (Noah Schuffman) , a café owner, for seven years. Gabe always seems to be too busy and so Marshall is eager for something new.

Marshall goes online where he finds an app “eCupid” that guarantees to find true love. Marshall ignores several warnings to read the terms of agreement before downloading the app. Once he has downloaded the app onto his Smartphone, it scans his entire online world and changes his life dramatically; giving him everything he thought he wanted.

After Gabe finds out about the app, the pair breaks up and Marshall is keen to get out and try new experiences, Marshall meets many guys who all seem to be the man of his dreams. Marshall soon finds so much attention overwhelming and not quite what he had anticipated. A mysterious waitress offers him wise advice giving him a chance to listen to his heart and find out what, and who in life is truly important.





“eCupid is the latest movie from director/writer J.C. Calciano and is his follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2010 movie Is It Just Me? As he showcased with Is It Just Me? Calciano has quite an eye for a romantic comedy and with eCupid he doesn’t disappoint.”
   Entertainment Focus

“The film is flirty and fun and entertaining.”
   The JK Review

“Ticks all of the gay romantic comedy boxes…charms to the core.”

Did You Know?

The title of the film eCupid is a combination of the names of the well-known dating websites eHarmony and OK Cupid.  Director J.C. Calciano’s inspiration for eCupid was It’s a Wonderful Life. Accompanying the film, a “love test” app was released with results read out by Morgan Fairchild. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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