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Zack (Chris Salvatore) is an ambitious actor who wants to be featured in the popular drama camp managed by Dick Dickey (Drew Droege). Along with his friend, Jason (Garikayi Mutambirwa), a passionate film producer, Zack submits an application to join the group. The young man is also accompanied by his boyfriend, Casey (Daniel Skelton), as a final attempt to salvage their high-and-dry relationship in Eating Out: Drama Camp.

After arriving at the camp, the trio meets several strong-willed individuals – a steadfast trans woman named Lily (Harmony Santana), a handsome old-time camper called Benji (Aaron Milo) and a wishful, sweet girl named Penny (Lilach Mendelovich), who is pursuing a career in acting. The organizer, Dick, a devoted celibate at heart, posits a single rule for the camp – no sex is allowed. This is rather inconvenient for Genevieve (Marikah Cunningham), a wealthy actress who finds Benji attractive. The latter claims that he is straight, but when confronted by Jason admits that he is in fact homosexual. The man also has a crush on Zack and tries to get closer to him, despite the actor being in a relationship with Casey. As the two lovers become more distant and cold towards each other, Casey wants to settle the score with Benji and questions if he is in fact straight. After seeing the camper refuse to kiss Genevieve, Casey asks Penny to help him uncover Benji’s secret.

Eating Out: Drama Camp




“This film is a total guilty pleasure.”
   Gay Themed Movie Reviews

“Fun, sexy, and everything a queer comedy should be.”
   This Gaudy Gilded Stage

“Happy to report that the self-deprecating line ‘sequels usually suck’ is nowhere to be seen.”

Did You Know?

Eating Out: Drama Camp was filmed at Camp Shalom in Malibu, CA. This comedy features a few familiar stars including former US Big Brother contestant Steven Daigle, and Playgirl centrefold Ronnie Kroell. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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