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A gay-themed romantic comedy, Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds picks up from the story in the prequel. Kyle (Jim Verraros) breaks up with Marc (Brett Chukerman) and, along with Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan) and Gwen (Emily Brooke Hands), becomes attracted to Troy (Marco Dapper), who is the nude model in their art class. The three come up with a scheme in which Kyle will pretend to be a former gay man who is now with Tiffani, the aim being that Troy will sleep with both of them.

Marc becomes aware of the growing closeness between Kyle and Troy, when they start attending the ex-gay ministry led by Jacob (Scott Vickaryous) and decides to try and seduce Troy with some success until Marc is unable to follow through due to his feelings for Kyle. Troy then becomes aware of the scheme devised by Kyle and the girls.

In an attempt at revenge, Troy visits Tiffani and Kyle for a threesome and gets them to perform cunnilingus before telling them off for being sex-crazed. He tries to get the group to accept that he is bisexual. Kyle realizes he made a mistake in leaving Marc.

After yet more scheming Jacob comes out to his mother and runs off with Octavio, another member of the ministry. Troy and Tiffani get together while Marc and Kyle rekindle their relationship. Gwen starts dating a girl.

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds




“This video sequel to the gay comedy Eating Out (2004) is funnier, lighter, and faster paced.”
   Chicago Reader

“The ultimate rarity: a sequel that is miles ahead of its predecessor in every imaginable department.”
   Film Threat

“A rollicking comedy for the gay niche that rarely rises above the level of a high school skit, Phillip J. Bartell’s sequel to 2004’s Eating Out is loaded with silliness and eye candy.”
   San Francisco Chronicle

Did You Know?

Brett Chukerman, in this, his film debut, replaces Ryan Carnes, who played Marc in the Original Eating Out.  A cameo appearance by writer-producer Q. Allan Brocka, who directed the prequel, shows him sitting in the front row of the art class as a ‘male student’. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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