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Waiting in the Gare du Nord train station in the north of Paris, a group of young men hang out, looking for potential lovers and opportunities.  Seemingly working as hustlers, the boys come from all over Eastern Europe, particularly the poverty stricken regions of former Soviet block nations.  They range in age from 25 down to barely teenagers.

Daniel, played by actor Olivier Rabourdin, is a quiet and private man in his late fifties who begins to notice the boys in the train station.  In particular, he has his gaze fixed on Marek (Kirill Emelyanov), who barley looks 21. Finally building up the courage, Daniel approaches Marek and speaks with him to arrange a time and place for a rendezvous at his home.

Lulled into a trap, the next day Daniel discovers Marek has brought an Eastern European gang with him headed up by cruel Boss (Danil Vorobyev). Helpless and out numbered, Daniel has no choice but to follow the Boss’ lead and dance and drink with the group as the gang strip bare the flat’s assets. Marek surprisingly returns the next day to complete the original agreed rendezvous and the two men begin to form a relationship despite the less than ideal circumstances.

Eastern Boys




“Delicate, ambitious and gripping”
   The Guardian

“Robin Campillo’s fascinating sophomore feature is by turns a frightening home-invasion drama, a tender love story and a tense hide-and-seek thriller.”

“Illegal immigration, unequal relationships and gay sex are put under the microscope in the compelling and slyly urgent Eastern Boys
   TimeOut London

Did You Know?

French-Moroccan director and editor Robin Campillo used his own apartment to film the key sequences of Eastern Boys .  Although the story follows a linear narration, the film is divided into four segments which are in relation to the characters emotional journey. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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